Universal Spiraling

On Halloween I was transported into a beautifully visual soundscape.

Rosas & Ictus

The performance was Rosas and Ictus’ Vortex Temporum. I went in relatively naive to what I was about to witness. I knew these European performance artists, Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and French composer Gérard Grisey, were experimental and intuitive makers, but I could have never imagined the swirl of energy they masterfully created on stage.

I found out later that the movement came from the music score, as though the notes and the dancing were one in the same. De Keersmaeker has a unique and fruitful way of making choreographies based of scores and improvisation. I will continue to read about her process because I think it’s something useful for me.

Moving Piano

Moving me in a Cascading Motion

I wouldn’t be able to accurately explain the piece bit by bit (just go see it yourself if you have an opportunity) but I can tell you that I was taking away into the Vortex. The gradual and fluctuating spinning on stage brought a hypnotic calmness to me. I was watching and hearing individual parts of the whole as they harmoniously created the expansive universe inside the theater.

An article in The Guardian helps to shed some more light in the structure of the piece.

Those Socks!

And lastly, I just have one burning question: What about those oh so small, subtle color accents?!? The pink socks, the blue pockets, the green belt, all obviously deliberate choices, but never referenced or explained throughout the piece. What is their connection the universal? (what a little trick you played, Rosas)