Functional Movement

Now that I’m a ‘freelance’ dancer one could say, it’s up to me to take my own classes each week and find the best system for myself.

There is a great initiative going on in Rotterdam for professional dancers called “Circle“. It is based on the premise that the community holds enough knowledge that they can teach each other. So one week, I offer my class, the next week you offer class. That’s the circle!

This week I took class from Chris de Feyter. His class had elements of floorwork and improvisation, exactly up my alley! He introduced his class by saying that every movement we do is functional. I greatly appreciate this approach to movement compared to movement for movement’s sake.

I loved the way he got os moving around the space, using the floor, using direction, and connecting with the other dancers in class. It felt like we were on our way to a nice movement phrase and connection that could be used on stage.

Hopefully next week’s teacher will be as inspiring!