How far is too far?

Ivo Dimchev is a name that I am only familiar with since this summer. He performed two solo’s of his own creation at Impulstanz in Vienna. I was unable to attend the performances, but colleagues of mine we did spoke very highly about it.

In fact I was so curious that I had them explain the piece, bit by bit, to me. And it sounded grotesque, over-the-top, self-indulgent, and a vile piece of theater. Still the reviewers were thrilled, the audience was enchanted, and no one seemed to mind that Dimchev went too far.

So, when his piece I-Cure came to Rotterdam, I decided to see for myself. And it was captivating! His semi-drag queen character was as real as any and his dedication to the emotional journey he traversed through the course of the evening drew me in intensely. My gaze was stuck on his image and the beautiful humanity of ‘over-the-top’.

Watch for yourself. But just think his personality, his authenticity, and his commitment is that much more powerful on stage.

Is it over the top?

His transitions and development was seamless and the trust he gained from the audience allowed him to go to these places. I feel actually that he could have gone farther…. We were prepared.