CLOUD Day 1: What is your perception and understanding of TIME & SPACE ?

What is your relation to  S E N S A T I O N  &   P E R C E P T I O N ?

I started with these questions. blank pages to answer, things to discover over the days, to ponder over these grandiose ideas.

Why do we M O V E?

How do we S H A R E this experience with others, our collective selves and the spectator?

What is  Y O U R   D I S C I P L I N E?

Day One Aims: Gathering information and resources. Define direction of residency. Follow personal creativy and interest. A Day for Duration:

  • 100 breaths
  • 20 sun salutations
  • 7 minutes of heaven
  • 1:20 hour moving, in relation to space and the music
  • 15 minute transformation of one gesture

Then I asked myself: What is the logical next step? vs. What is the intuitive next step?

You know what step I took? Nothing. There was an overwhelming intimidation from the size of the room, frozen movement, unclarity in why I should move and for what purpose.

I found the window and I found my voice. This gave me structure. Gave me a direct audience (myself in relation to what was outside the window).

— I looked for something to relate to: music, another performer, time, space (was too big!) viewer

— I found the window (to the outside world) and my own voice. I was relation to my thoughts and some perceptions that came through the window

— My voice revealed a lot. I choose how to relation to myself and my artist self by verbally communication.

— To a degree, this might be possible in silence, yet by speaking out loud, I left my own head.

— Durational Endurance is good. It does allow layers to unfold

— I am discovering myself. It is ok and g r e a t  that I take this time.

— I am not yet ready to bring others into the practice. Time to meet myself…